Whitney Biennial FAQs

FAQs page:

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How can I find out more information about the founder of the Museum of Whitney Biennial 2019?

You can recognize a lot of about Whitney Biennial 2019 from internet. Gertrude’s personal papers ar command by the Archives of yankee Art, Smithsonian establishment, in Washington, DC. H. Gertrude moneyman Whitney biennial 2019: A story (1978), written by B. Friedman, Rebels on Eighth Street: Juliana Force and also the Whitney depository of yankee Art (1990), by Avis Berman, and also the Whitney ladies and also the depository They Made: A Family Memoir (1999), by Flora Miller Biddle, ar necessary books that document her life and family.


Tell me about the actual location of Whitney Museum of American Art.

The original Whitney Biennial 2019 repository opened in 1931 at ten West eighth Street, New York. From 1966 till Oct 2014, the Whitney was set at 945 Madison Avenue in its Marcel Breuer–designed building. In 1954, the repository resettled to twenty two West 54th Street. The new Whitney opened at ninety nine Gansevoort Street within the packaging District on May Day, 2015.


What type of works are shown at Whitney Biennial 2019?

Whitney Biennial 2019 galleries feature a rotation of work from the permanent collection and a changing series of exhibitions. The Whitney collects and exhibits American art from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


How the collection of Whitney Biennial will be found out?

There are also numerous publications that picture and describe the collection, which are available for purchase at the Museum Shop. View the Collection pages.


I want to learn about an artist of Whitney Biennial collection, how can I do that?

To know about an artist of Whitney Biennial 2019 you can search online catalogues of the Whitney, MoMA, The Met, and the New York Public Library. Many public and museum library collections contain books about contemporary art and artists. You may also find information in periodical articles and such publications as dissertations and anthologies. Libraries collect ephemeral materials and place them in folders called pamphlet, vertical, or artist files.

For general information about a contemporary artist, we recommend you begin research in your local public library, where you will find indexes to artists, current periodical publications, encyclopedias, and other general sources of art history. Sites such as artnet, askART, Artforum, and ARTnews provide information about artists, exhibitions, and current events in the art world.


Finally, there are numerous web resources that one can search to find information about contemporary artists.

These files contain small brochures, press releases, magazines, and newspaper clippings. The New York Public Library offers a free research service, Ask Librarians Online or call (212) 340-0871.


How will I research in Whitney Biennial 2019?

The Frances Mulhall Achilles Library at the Whitney Museum of American Art contains a comprehensive research collection in the field of twentieth-century and contemporary American art. Please visit the library section of our website for a comprehensive overview of our holdings and instructions for scheduling an appointment. Our research collections include books, periodicals, archival material, artist files, and special collections that are accessible to the public by appointment.


Can I use the Whitney Biennial library?

Whitney Biennial 2019 library is available, by appointment only, for research on the Museum’s history and exhibitions and study of American art history by collectors, art historians, graduate students, staff of other museums, art galleries, and scholars. Call (212) 570-3648 to schedule an appointment. Before making an appointment, researchers are encouraged to search the Library online catalogue, WhitneyCat.org. Please email your request to library@whitney.org


How can I rent space for a private event or photo shoot in the Museum?

To rent space in Whitney Biennial 2019 Museum please send your request to the Press Office, and include in your request a description of the proposed shoot, the desired museum spaces or exhibits, an estimate of the size of the crew, and an estimate of the amount of time the shoot will take. News coverage that centers on current exhibitions and the Whitney collection will be given priority. All film or photography shoots must comply with the museum’s photo guidelines and are subject to a location fee, reimbursement of costs, and the terms and conditions in the Museums’ standard Location Agreement. All film and photo shoot requests must be approved in advance by the Press Office before they can be scheduled.


How can I contact the owner of a particular work of art?

To contact for a particular work of Whitney Biennial 2019 art we suggest you read Edward Hopper: A Catalogue Raisonné (1995) by Gail Levin published by the Whitney in association with W.  Norton & Company. Owners are listed beneath each entry for oil paintings, watercolors, and illustrations. The Museum does not provide addresses of private collectors.